a year long course designed to help change the patterns of your relationship
+ FIND MORE joy.





A woman loved
by her husband
will grow in loveliness.

A man respected
by his wife
will become more respectable.


In an ideal world your marriage would look more like JIm and Pam than Ron and Tammy.

You would always get along with your spouse since they are the person you most love, and any problem you faced would be nicely and neatly resolved before days end. Your marriage would be filled with moments of laughter and joy and trust would never be broken. You'd be excited to come home and sad to leave. 

But —we don't live in an ideal world and likely there's room for MORE in your marriage.

Often times we close our doors and shut ourselves in, posting a different story than the one we are actually living, afraid to tell anyone our struggles while we secretly want MORE for our marriage.

It's easy to feel like we need to figure all of this out on our own. That's what we used to think and we were pretty alone isolated in our less than marriage...

We were really struggling to enjoy our marriage not that long ago. We were a couple years into our marriage wondering how we got so disconnected. How did we go from loving and excited newly weds to a bitter and apathetic couple?

We reached our breaking point after bouts of depression, life changes, and chronic health issues and at rock bottom, finally found clarity.

Now, we want to share our insights with you. We want to help you change the patterns of your relationship and help you find more joy in your marriage. We promise there is more joy to be found. 

 We're Brandon+Sarah

but You're not alone. we can do this together.


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it all started with my camera.

about us


handle conflict without yelling

enjoy life together

create rythms of connecting

Make your spouse a priority

communicate your desires

enjoy sex 

grow closer together

and more...

we'll help you...

What's inside The Pursuit Challenge?

Know Your Spouse

Module one

How well do you know your spouse? Do you dwell more on your spouse's weaknesses or strengths? It matters what you think and know about your spouse. Often times we drift apart from our spouse because of a lack of attention and then one day we realize how far we really are from each other, how much we don’t know about the other. This module will help you reconnect in your intellectual intimacy.

What will this do for you?

-Repattern the habit of inattention in your marriage
-Switch your mindset towards your spouse
-Take actionable steps to know your spouse again
-Make your spouse a priority

Turn Towards Your Spouse

Module Two

How does your spouse make you feel? How do you feel towards your spouse? This matters. Everyday is filled with moments of turning towards our spouse and turning away from our spouse but often times our attempts go unnoticed and unanswered. We struggle to make sense of our feelings and those of our spouse. And the tension and confusion creates distance. This module will help you reconnect in your emotional intimacy.

 -Repattern the habit of turning away
 -Create daily rhythms of connection
 -Know your feelings and communicating them constructively
 -Switch your heart towards your spouse

What will this do for you?

Connect With Your Spouse

Module Three

How often do you have sex in your marriage? How is it? How you reach out to your spouse and knowing how to respond to them in return impacts your sex life. Everyday is filled with opportunities to connect physically, small moments that fuel your physical intimacy. By reconnecting emotionally and developing a habit of turning towards one another you reestablish trust in your relationship that will help bolster freedom in and out of the bedroom. This module will help you reconnect in your physical intimacy.

 -Repattern the habit of distancing yourself
 -Create moments that fuel your physical tank
 -Communicate your desires
 -Take actionable steps to make physical intimacy a priority

What will this do for you?

Fully Live Together

Module Four

Do you feel like your marriage and life together lack purpose? Do you feel like you're moving towards something together? You marriage is not about you so it matters how you live outside of yourself. We have to create moments in our marriages and lives to remember the bigger picture, that we are not the point, we were created for more. By creating moments that help us live outside of ourselves we become better wives and husbands learning the art of awe and wonder and living a more selfless life. This module will help you reconnect in your spiritual intimacy.

-Repattern the habit of living less alive
-Create moments that inspire and restore
-Search together for answers
-Take actionable steps to help live on purpose together

What will this do for you?

question guide

1000 questions to ask your spouse to help you connect and communicate. If you've ever struggled to find something to talk about or didn't know the words to ask, we've got you covered. Topics like sex, family, finances, work, food and much more.

Date Night 

52 unique date nights to fill your next year with weekly meaningful dates for an ENTIRE YEAR, 100+ date ideas and our date night rules and calendar to help you date like a PRO.

pursuit challenges

Weekly challenges scaffolded through the year long challenge course to help you and your spouse connect more deeply. 

Level up your game

Over 50 little and big ways to help you show your love and affection towards your spouse. When your done with this guide you'll feel more like newly weds, eager and giddy over the little things.

Marriage Guides

These are the ones we use!

Sounds Great! 

So, how much does it cost?

We wanted to build a challenge course that was not only effective in changing marriages but was also accessible to couples who are ready for a change. There's a lot of options out there... 

marriage retreat



marriage Counseling

A marriage conference would likely give you a crash course in marriage and have you madly taking notes. It might even give you a fun night or two out and a fun memory to save in Timehop but likely a month or two after the retreat is over you'll find yourself still struggling.

Marriage counseling is a great option. WE ARE SUPPORTERS OF COUNSELING, but it is a costly investment not always covered by insurance, which is why most couples wait too long to give it a try and it ends up not working.

the pursuit challenge

Weekly videos, pursuit challenges, questions and date ideas from the comfort of your own home for an entire year PLUS access to a community of real couples working together to find MORE in marriage and guides to help with communication, sex, conflict management and more.


You can get started today for just one payment of $25 (with eleven more payments of $25 or for the best value one payment of $250 

12 monthly payments of $25

$250 one time - save $50



12 payments

one payment

52 marriage videos 
Weekly pursuit challenges
1000 questions + Other guides
lifetime access

52 marriage videos 
Weekly pursuit challenges
1000 questions + Other guides
lifetime access

We're ready!

Let's Go!!

A mid-western girl who learned the freedom in letting go of my plans and walking in His. My goal is encourage others on that path and point them to Him.

I'm Sarah.


We'll be in touch soon!

Thank you!

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