We’ve Been Called

There are many things in this world trying to convince you of importance. They call to you, they infiltrate your homes and seek to inform your identity.


Naïvely we skirt around them, flirt with the idea of them all the while letting them in unknowingly.


They are lies that we cannot call out. They are idols that we longingly claim. They are ideas that we help form.


What do you spend most of your time thinking about? At night when you lie in bed where do your thoughts drift to? What things make you upset or angry when they are touched or threatened?


These answers will give you a clue as to what holds you, where you place your identity, or what lies you believe. As Christians we’ve been CALLED TO SOMETHING GREATER. 


Our identity is NOT in being moms, wives, friends, daughters, business owners, bloggers, photographers, runners, or yoga enthusiasts. Our identity is NOT in being liked, healthy, fun, flirty, smart, stupid, or pretty.


All of the things mentioned above are fleeting. They are like dust destined to blow away with the winds of time.


We have been made eternal, marked by an eternal being, called to forever from the cross. Why chase after things that will not last? They will not satisfy. Why inform who we are by things of this world when we have been made for so much more?




As Christians we should not look to a magazine, social media, intellectuals, political leaders, jobs, hobbies, passions, friends or family to answer this question. If we call ourselves Christians there is only one place to look, Jesus, the Word of God.


Who are we in Him and what has He called us to?


The answer to these two questions is both infinitely common and personal, for we serve an infinite and personal God.


With respect to the commonality of the answer we will search Scripture to seek the meaning for all women. To understand the personal nature of this question you will have to seek His presence in Scripture and prayer to find answers.


In the beginning God created everything. We see the Lord speak and out of nothing light was created. 


As the Lord spoke, things came into existence. Out of NOTHING EVERYTHING was created, not by chance or by some accident. All of creation was uniquely and wonderfully made for a purpose.


Each distinct created thing is marked by our Creator, formed, spoken and shaped by the God of the universe. It is the same with us.


We were made in the image of God, the Imago Dei. We are created beings meant to glorify our Creator.


We see in Genesis 2 that the Lord made the woman as a helper crafted from the side of Adam. Though this idea of “help mate” has been thoroughly skewed and tainted from a history of abuse, a world filled with sin and the social tide of today, I believe this purpose to be one of the most beautiful designs in all the Earth.


This I believe is the purpose for all women. Now before you go and get your panties in bunch hear me out. First, I say all of this with love. Second, truthfully I struggle to believe this purpose but I know from Scripture it is true and good.


I was created a woman who by design was made to be a helper and this is NOT a bad thing nor a weaker position.


This word helper [Ezra] is used throughout the Bible most often describing God helping his people. Ezra means help or support in Hebrew.


Throughout Scripture this verb is used in wartime circumstances—the Lord our God helping our people in desperate times of need. Without the help that God provided the Israelites would have seen death.


We too as women are made to help and support. In terms of marriage, in Genesis we see that the woman is to help and support her husband.


By no means is this a lesser role of little importance. I think it’s of great importance. When EZRA is used throughout the Bible it signifies a need, a need that if not filled will lead to death.


As wives we are called to help and support our husbands, to encourage and uplift them so that they might flourish.

As moms we are called to help and support our children, to encourage and uplift them so that they might flourish.

As women we are called to help and support those around us, to encourage and uplift so that they might flourish.


Women have been given the beautifully unique role of bearing life, not only the gift of bearing children, but of helping and supporting, encouraging and uplifting those around them.


We are called to breath life into those around us, through our words, actions and thoughts. It is an indispensible thing that society does not recognize, but it is a beautiful design, a unique purpose from God.


In fact it is this very idea that we even call ourselves Christians for it is this that Christ stood for when He was nailed to the cross.


He bore life for all who believe in Him, by supporting, by uplifting in love and surrendering to the will of the Father.


We too are called to this purpose though we fight hard against it believing the lies that society preaches. But there is only one way to life and that is through Jesus. Just as He brought life to us in His willing sacrifice, we too as women should lay down our strong-willed desires to help those who God has put in our lives (no secret we [me included] are stubborn.)


It is the call of a Christian, it is the call of women. Collectively we’ve been called to encourage and bring life to those around us by helping and supporting, which is of great importance. For by fulfilling this design and purpose, the Father uses us to bring life—life abundant.

{A R K I N T H E D E S E R T}



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  1. Dianne Dreger says:

    God created each of us for a specific purpose. We need to figure out what our specific ministry is be it single – married – religious . We have been called. Only when we carry out the mission God gave us will we find happiness. Thank you for your blog Sarah.
    Pray for me as I struggle with my diabetes which is worsening. God Bless. Dianne

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