To The Young Girl At the Bus Stop

I see you, trying so hard, aware of everyone’s glances, sensitive to the words of your peers.


I was you once. I’ve lived there. Some days I still find myself there. Consumed with thoughts of how people see me, what they think about me.


I played those games. I held in my stomach to appear thinner. I pulled down my shirts to make myself desirable. I learned the art of makeup to change my appearance, relying on it to alter my identity. I wanted to look special, to be seen as beautiful.


It’s a tricky road to live on, only relying on what others think of you to know what you think of yourself.


You probably don’t think that you have much worth, you probably don’t think that you are special—but you are.


Oh, if only you knew, if only I knew. You have so much value, you are worth so much and you deserve far better than what you are looking for.


Please listen to me, you my friend are beautiful, you, the you inside without any makeup on, the you without fancy clothes, the you with no additions or deletions.


It’s such a hard thing to believe, I know, I still struggle with it, even as I write these words. But it’s true. You don’t have to do anything to be beautiful, you just are.


Call out the lies that are being thrown at you, you are beautiful.


You also are valuable, you have extreme worth. People measure their value many different ways, some by their appearance, some by the amount of things they have, some by the number of friends they have or likes on Facebook.

None of that is a good measure.


Our appearance changes daily and everyone inevitably gains wrinkles and grey hair.

Our things break, become outdated or get lost.


Some friends are true and will walk with you through even the hardest of times, but a lot of friends are with you during seasons of your life, they aren’t forever.


And likes on Facebook, hold nothing, it’s click of a button and passing glance.


None of these things are good measures of your worth. No, what is, is deeper.

You have worth because you are you, you are uniquely and wonderfully made to be no one else. That means something. You were created, you were made, you have a purpose that no one else has.


You created, have a Creator and He in His infinite wisdom and love made you you and gave you worth and value.


If creating wasn’t enough, He also died for you! The God of the universe, the one who spoke the stars into existence, the one who formed the mountains and carved out the sea, that God also came to this Earth, humbled himself to be born so that He could live and die for you.


Best Prince ever! You will never find a more beautiful love story. Who doesn’t want a loving guy to drop everything to come and save them, to travel far distances just to be near you, to save you from puddles and bullets.


That’s your story. He did that for you. And in doing so, marked you as worthy, as valuable.


I know how hard it is. Middle School, High School, it’s rough. People are mean, life is hard, but there’s more. Once you graduate you’ll see how different life outside of school is.


It’s better. But what you really desire is not going to be found in magazines, in a new body, new clothes or new school. What you are looking for is only found in the One who created you, who saved you. Your beauty, your worth, it all stems from Him.

He’s safe, He’s not going anywhere. You cannot outrun His love, you cannot hide from Him. He wants you to know how very special you are and how loved you are.


So, my young friend at the bus stop, go to school today with this in mind. Walk, knowing that you are loved, that someone died for you, you are worthy. No one can take that away.


A Girl Whose Been There

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