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B and I were long time friends, like diaper buddies. He asked me out my senior year and we quickly became inseparable, not the annoying kind but the “old-soul” knew it was going to happen kind. In my second year of college B proposed with plans to get married the following summer.

Mass chaos ensued and opposition arose, understandably. We were both 20, in college with no full-time job. To the outside world we seemed crazy, but we knew that we were supposed to get married and we felt that August 2014 was when. So we marched ahead and started planning a wedding, building an ark if you will, in the middle of the desert.

Any who, we had a date set, venue booked, wedding dress bought, all the important stuff, but B still had not found a job and the wedding was now months away.

What ensued was a lot of sleepless nights (insomnia), panic driven and hopeless days (depression). If I can quote myself, “B wasn’t doing well. I prayed, we prayed, we talked but I could not lift the burden, I could not fix where we were at.” 

We ended up going to the doctors who prescribed medicine to help with the insomnia and depression but also prescribed a book {which I would prescribe to anyone}. It felt like the dawning of a new day. As the countdown continued we saw answered prayer. 

The days were getting longer but the countdown was soon to be in the single digits. We were about a month away from the wedding. It was a hot summer. I was drained working 8 hours a day. B was doing tree work for his uncle, still looking for a full time job—you know to support us when we were married.

I’m not sure if the medication was working or if hope had just infiltrated B’s core. Things were looking up. We were making progress in the “grown-up” department. B had an interview with Goodyear and we were finally house hunting {apartment hunting that is}!

Our first apartment visit was on an off road in the middle of town. The house was divided into five different parts. In other words it was home to four other families, we would be the fifth. The apartment was upstairs. There was a full kitchen, bathroom, living room and two bedrooms. It was very roomy but a little disheveled. There was a whole in one of the rooms from the last tenants and the whole place just felt a little worn.

We kept looking.

Our search took us to the second place we looked at which was technically a duplex, though it was a house split into four different parts. One wall splitting the whole house in half, diving the house into two units on the first floor and two on the second. This apartment was smaller than the first one we looked at but it looked just as worn. We were nervous about living so close to so many families and we felt uncomfortable sharing a wall.

We kept looking.

The next place we looked at was the worse by far. As B and I walked in we were immediately assaulted with the smell of cat pee. The floor was littered with dirt and trash. Apparently the last tenant had an open door policy with cats and other people. The owner was going to have to do a HUGE renovation to restore the apartment but I’m not sure the smell of cat could ever be removed.

The last apartment we looked at was the one we secretly wanted. It was newly renovated with a spacious yard and big beautiful trees. It was full of possibilities and our imaginations ran wild.

We were sold the minute we walked in. After looking around awhile and asking all of the important questions we quickly filled out the paper work, wrote the deposit check and signed the lease.

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining; the sky was crystal blue with big fluffy toy story clouds hanging in the air. We had a place, a place of our own! Now all we needed was a job to afford the place.

We had savings, enough to last a few months if the worst were to happen. It was a HUGE leap of faith, stepping out knowing God would take care us even though we had no “legitimate” proof—the numbers didn’t add up.

But God is faithful, although we forget it often, he has at least proved that over and over. We moved into the apartment on July 4th and the very next day B started his new job at Goodyear! Our lives, mostly B’s changed over night. New house, new job, new hope. God was faithful!

We were almost there, the new beginning we had been looking forward to, to be Mr. and Mrs. B. The wedding was nearly upon us. I was frantically making list after list to make sure all of the decorations were getting done {because we made them}, the honeymoon items would be packed, and the little details of the day would not be forgotten.

I could hardly wait! It seemed so natural to marry B, not only because he was my best friend (and still is) but because he had always been there and I knew he always would be. We were excited to start this new chapter in our lives and all the sleepless nights and worry filled days were finally past us. Those rainbows that we had seen that night we had booked our venue were the promise of a God who is faithful and we were finally able to see answered prayer.

It is a sweet, sweet thing to be graced with the opportunity to see prayer answered, to walk in the faithfulness of the Lord. As I reflect upon the immense struggles that we had endured I see that they only strengthened our faith bringing us closer together as a couple.

Hind-sight though is 20-20 and in the moment life seemed blurry, so confusing, so hard. The struggles we faced were very real, rigid, wounding. They left us empty, dry, exhausted, confused, hurt, and sad. We felt alone, abandoned, rejected. But God met us in that place. That hard place, and He walked with us and lead us closer to Him, to an abundance of joy, to the land of milk and honey.

“Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with shouts of joy; then they said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.””

Psalm 126:2

 It is a beautiful story that God has written for us. It is one of struggle, suffering, peace and joy. It is one of ups and downs, good days and bad days. It is one of faithfulness, of a loving and faithful God who never leaves, who always, always provides.

 We are not alone. This is the same story God has woven together since the beginning of time, one of pursuing and loving. I hope our story clearly shows the fullness of God’s love and faithfulness. I hope it encourages you, wherever you are at.

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