We all know marriage is hard work but it is worth it.

Commitment? Yes that's important but joy and connection is what what makes a marriage fulfilling. Sometimes, I think in marriage we quickly become complacent and let life take over, deepening the divide between us and our spouse, aiding our loneliness.

Want to learn how to make your marriage more connected, more loving, more joyful?

We are committed not only to each other but to  enjoying one another along the way.

Our mission is to encourage other couples to love each other well and enjoy one another while providing insight and stories from our life and helpful resources for others to find MORE in their marriage.



250 Questions to Ask Your Spouse

 in case you need help connecting with your spouse

If we're being honest, we all could use help in connecting with our spouse. We often fall into the same routines and habits we've always had and miss opportunities to learn more about our spouse in this season. We've created 250 different questions to get your conversations going and help you connect with your spouse.

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Grow Closer to Your Spouse

Level Up Your Pursuit

Free intimacy Webinar

We were made for connection. We were made for intimacy but somewhere after we walk down the aisle we loose our footing.

In this webinar I'll explain the 4 different ways we connect in marriage, the common problems we all face and solutions to help you grow closer to your spouse.

Sometimes it's just hard to come up with ways to show you care, to express how much you love your spouse or how thankful you are for them. Or maybe you know they deserve more but don't know how to show it.

Well this  guide will give you ideas to help you level up your pursuit and help your spouse feel loved and cared for and it's FREE.

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it all started with my camera.

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105 Date Ideas

let's spice up your dating game

If we're being honest our date nights usually start and end on the couch. Anyone else? Sometimes it's hard to get out of the rut of doing the same old same old. That's why we sat down and came up with 105 date ideas to help spice up our dating game and thought maybe it could help you.

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The Pursuit Challenge

I’m Sarah Jean, a mid-western girl who learned the freedom in letting go of my plans and walking in His. My goal is encourage others on that path and point them to Him.


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