Does God Think I’m Good?

If you would have asked me this a couple years ago my answer would have been a resounding yes.

I would have had a complete list of reasons why I was good in God’s eyes. My resume would have been full of volunteer opportunities, church attendance, praise and adoration of others, as well as the accolades that I had obtained from my school days.


I had strived for so long to do my best that I was sure that I was in, I had made it to the “good girl’s club” and undoubtedly would receive a “well done” when I got into Heaven.


I imagined God being impressed with me, pleased by my performance because I was so good.


I know I’m not alone. A lot of people are playing the Good Christian Game. It’s the reason church attendance spikes on Easter and Christmas. People want to do the “right thing,” they are looking to please God, check things off the list so that they can “get in.”


I, like so many others, believed the LIE that many churches teach: Christianity is about doing good things so you can please God and get into Heaven.


But that’s not what the Bible preaches, that’s so far away from the truth.


Christianity unlike any other religion actually preaches the opposite. Christianity is about a good God who loves broken people enough to have died so that we might live forever with Him.


You see the whole Bible points to one thing, one person actually, Jesus. All the other people in the Bible testify to the truth; NO ONE is perfect except God alone.


Noah the righteous man saved from the flood was a drunk.

Moses the man who led the Israelites out of Egypt was a murderer.

David the King of the Israelites was an adulterous murderer.

Paul the author of most of the New Testament was a Christian killer (like ICSIS).

Peter a disciple of Jesus was a liar.


I could go on. There is a long list of people who are FAR from perfect and by God’s standards FAR from good, because perfect is God’s standard.

We were given the law and could not obey the law.


We Christians may not be liars, we just lie a little.

We may not worship other gods, we just spend more time on TV or social media than with the Lord.

We may not have murdered, we’ve only been angry.

We may not have committed adultery, we’ve only had lustful thoughts.


Our hearts are no pure. We are not perfect and because of that we are in debt. We are not deserving of anything. What we hold to God is mere filth in light of His glory and holiness.


God is perfect. He is good. He is loving. He is pure.


Even our attempts of good are still plagued with sin and filth. Our resumes do not hold up next to His standard of perfection.


Christians, Christianity, publically proclaims this truth; that we can’t but God did.


Jesus, the perfect Son of God came was because we could not. He came to save because we could not save ourselves, our goodness will never get us in.


We are lawbreakers, indebted to God, but God rich in mercy, in light of brokenness sent Jesus to take our place, to pay for our sins, exchanging our sin for His goodness.


On the cross Jesus poured out His blood to atone for our sins and in doing so exchanged our filth, our failed attempts for His Holiness, His Goodness, His Perfect.


We now are no longer in debt to God, but freed by God to live a new life in Him.


We no longer have to try to earn His favor because His favor has been graciously given to us, lavished upon us.


We no longer have to try to be good, because Jesus’ goodness has been give to us, to hold onto, to lean into, to trust in.


Now when God sees us He sees His perfect Son, who paid for all of our filth. The resume we now carry says one word; Jesus.


God does not see you as good, but He sees Jesus and looks at you and says “My child, you are clean. Welcome.”


The Lord wants more for us than to chase after his praise, than to check things off a list. He wants to give us Himself so that we might enjoy His goodness, His love, His mercy and kindness. 



It’s all about God not about us. Christianity, to know only One is good and rest in Him.


{A R K I N T H E D E S E R T}



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    Beautiful <3

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