7 Prayers For Your Wife

Hello there, this is B writing to you this time. I’ve been married to Sarah for over a year now, and I’ve been her friend since we were kids. I guess you could say I know her pretty well, but I am constantly learning new things about her every day. Sarah recently wrote a post called 7 Prayers for your Husband and this is the Man’s version of that post. So without further ado, here’s 7 prayers you should be praying for your wife.


1. Protect my wife, even if it requires you to call upon me to sacrifice my own life.


 This is one I pray all the time. If you’re married, I hope that you are willing to give your life to save your wife. If you’re not, then that’s a whole different problem altogether and you should stop reading this post immediately and go pray that God would give you some courage. God does not desire his sons to be cowards, especially when it comes to defending his daughters.

That being said, this prayer is twofold: when you pray this, you are praying for God to protect your wife from harm, but you are also asking God to help you when you need to defend her. Let’s face it, you probably spend more time with your wife than anyone else in the world… at least I hope you do. If that’s the case, then simple logic would suggest that if she needs help, you are most likely the one who will be there to help her. So pray that God would miraculously save her when you’re not around, and that if you are around when the crap hits the fan, that God would give you the strength and courage to keep her safe.

Before I move on to the next prayer, I want to explain that I’m not just talking about praying for protection from physical harm. This prayer is for your wife’s emotional and spiritual safety as well. She is much more likely to have her feelings hurt by someone, maybe you, than she is to get mugged in an alley somewhere. And it also more likely that her soul will be threatened by lies than it is for her to be kidnapped.


2. Give my wife a better relationship with you.


This is a big one. Your wife will always be better off the closer she is to Jesus, so you should definitely pray for that. Without him, your wife will start to circle the drain emotionally and spiritually. She needs to have an understanding of Jesus and the goodness he has lavished upon her, and she cannot understand these things if she has no relationship with Jesus.


3. Give my wife the courage to be herself.


 Unfortunately, our world is a sucky place to live. Men and women both are being told by peers, media, social networking, and millions of other sources that they need to be a certain way. But your wife should be herself. It takes courage to go against the grain and do things differently, but God made us all different for a reason. Allowing your wife’s true self to be suppressed will not only harm your intimacy… it will also drive a wedge between her and God because she will always feel like she is not doing good enough. But again, it takes courage. So pray that God would give her that courage.


4. Teach me how to be a better husband.


This may sound like a prayer for you, but it’s for your wife. You are the single most influential person in your spouse’s life, and you should pray that God would help you be a better man for her sake.

You will hurt her more often than any other person in her life, because you spend the most time with her. When you pray to be a better husband, you’re asking God to equip you with what you need to minimize the hurt you cause your wife, and to love her better. I can’t think of a single woman who would turn down less hurt and more love. Your wife deserves it, and God wants to help both of you in that area. So pray for it.


5. Give my wife sanity in life’s insanity.


Life is nuts. It’s absolutely bonkers. It seems like every time I turn around I find another problem to deal with in life. Whether it’s emotional stress, conflict with others, conflict between me and Sarah, money issues… Yeah, life is nuts. When you pray this, you’re praying that God would help her remain sane and calm in stressful situations. Life is full of them, and stress is not going to ever go away completely in this life. Don’t waste your time hoping that more money, more friends, more time, or whatever will make you stress free. This world is screwed up and stress is a part of life. So don’t blame it on a lack of something, just pray that God would help you.


6. Help me to provide for my wife.


Honestly guys, this one is huge. I’m not just talking monetarily, although that is something you should strive for. You need to provide for your wife’s soul more than anything. And it takes a lot of effort. Trust me, you cannot provide for your wife without his help. It cannot be done.

Your wife needs intimacy, spiritual growth, emotional health, and solid relationships. If you’re her husband, then congratulations! You’re the winner! You are the one that God has singled out to be the vessel by which he will provide for her. And if any sea-worthy vessel had a mouth and could talk, it would probably tell you that it’s not an easy job carrying stuff around for a living. You are the means by which God will bring about the majority of provision in your wife’s life. And you will need a lot of help to withstand the crashing waves and strong currents that life will throw at you in order to be a sea-worthy vessel that brings provision for her.


7. Give my wife a deeper understanding of the Gospel.


When I say “The Gospel”, I don’t mean literally like the Gospel books in the New Testament. Now obviously her understanding of the bible is important, but that is not what I am talking about in this case. When I say “The Gospel”, I mean Jesus’ truth. Truth is more powerful than any force in the world, which is why nearly everyone tries to fight it and hide from it. Nothing is more powerful than God’s truth, and it will change your spouse’s life for the better. Jesus endured excruciating pain on the cross, and he did so with his children in mind. The Gospel is unparalleled in beauty, unconquered in battle, tested in trial, and truly invincible. Do you want your wife to understand that kind of amazing love? I sure hope so. There is one thing you need to understand before you pray this prayer… You cannot in and of yourself, make her understand the Gospel.


Believing in the Gospel is a miracle. Have you ever heard the phrase, “If it’s too good to be true, than it probably isn’t true”? Well, the gospel pretty much fits that description to the letter: too good to be true. God sent his son to die for people who don’t deserve his love at all. With his sacrificial death, he promised to share with us his love. A love which by the way, is insanely life-changing and unlike anything a human could ever experience. The thought that a perfect God would sacrifice his own life to save people who disobey and rebel against him sounds too good to be true. Yet, I can assure you… it is true. Do you want your wife to understand that love, and too feel it? Sure you do. So pray for it. 

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