7 Prayers For Your Husband

Prayer is a powerful tool. It is the way we communicate with our Heavenly Father. It’s where we plead for our longings, cry out because of our sorrows and enter into open dialogue with the one who controls all things.

But prayer isn’t just for speaking; I believe one of its most important roles is one of position. When we pray our heart falls into humble submission before our good and gracious Father. Our posture is formed, shaping our inner most being.

Growing up, I believed prayer was just another thing to check off my list so God would be pleased with me, something good Christians did.

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But as God has grown me and walked with me, I now see prayer as an overflow from my heart, I see it’s importance not for God, but for me, to align myself again to His will, His way.


I pray a lot for my husband. I pray for my heart towards him, for his heart, for our future. I believe it is a powerful thing to pray for your husband.

For me, it helps realign myself. As wives we are called to love and respect our husbands, which can be a difficult thing with our rebellious hearts.

I so desperately want all control, I want to do things my way and I tend to have a difficult time trusting B, even in the smallest of areas.

In prayer, I find myself letting go, growing trust, not just in B, but also in God. It’s a beautiful thing.


Here is a list of 7 prayers that I pray for B. Prayers that I hope will help you to sit humbly before the Lord as well as before your husband, aligning your heart to His will, not your own.


1. Lord, I pray that you would lead my husband so that he could lead our family in your will. Give Him discernment. Bestow upon him wisdom and help him to make wise decisions for our family. Thank you for all that you have already guided us through, for all the blessings you have already given. Lead me Lord, help me to humbly submit before you.


2. Lord, I pray that you would give my husband strength. Help him to not grow weary from the trials we face in this world. Give him endurance to provide, protect and love our family, though the days are long. Thank you for not growing tired, for being the perfect protector and covering us in your perfect love. Thank you for renewing my strength.


3. God, I pray that you would give my husband courage, courage to do your will, to seek you in all things, to stand strong against temptations and trials. Help him to speak truth into my life as he leads us. Help him to call out lies and disbeliefs so that we might know you more. Thank you for speaking truth into our lives, Holy Spirit and calling out the lies we believe.



4. Jesus, I pray that you would fill my husband’s heart with your love. Help him to more fully know the love that you have lavished upon him. Soak his soul in your grace so that he may be able to extend it to those around him revealing your ways. Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross, pouring out your love on me and redeeming me.


5. Holy Spirit convict my husband of his sin, help him to see his weakness and know his great need so that he may lean into you, so that he may draw strength from you and not himself. Cover him in your righteousness, so that he would not feel shame or guilt over what he has done, but rest in the forgiveness that has been extended and grace that has been given to him. Thank you for convicting my own heart of my sins. Help me to forgive as you have forgiven me.


6. Lord I pray that you would give my husband peace, the peace that surpasses all understanding. Suffocate his worries and drown out his fears so that he may rest in you and you alone. Help him to stand on you, to draw from you and not of his own will. Quiet his thoughts, quiet his concerns so that he may not be anxious for tomorrow but enjoy today. Thank you Lord for giving me peace, for supplying me with what I need for today.


7. Jesus, anchor my husband in your truth. Encourage his heart to seek you, to spend time with you in prayer, in your word and in stillness. Strengthen his time with so that he would find satisfaction in you and you alone. Help him not to wander or seek truth elsewhere but only in you. Thank you Lord for giving us your word, for entering into our messy lives and for growing our faith. Anchor me in you, so that I too may seek you and find satisfaction in you and you alone.



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    Thank you for this
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